Our machine park includes devices dedicated to various forms of printing. We’re doing, among others, sublimation printing, pad printing, screen printing and latex printing.

drukarka lateksowa

Latex print

Latex printing enables printing on standard and atypical materials using latex ink, thanks to which the prints are highly saturated, resistant to external conditions and UV radiation. This form of printing gives almost unlimited possibilities of use. 

Our HP Latex 570 latex printing machine maintains high performance and speed of printing – so that our projects are always on time. The latex technique allows to maintain a consistent quality of the printed image regardless of whether it’s the first copy or the tenth. The prints are very precise in details. Your order will be processed with the highest quality.

drukarka sublimacyjna

Sublimation print

The sublimation method is particularly popular in the advertising industry. It’s based on thermal transfer technology, where due to the high temperature, the ink transitions to gas, and then under the pressure of the thermo-active press penetrates into the structure of the polyester material. Such prints are durable and odorless, and above all – ecological. Thanks to this method, you can apply prints on such things as cups, metal sheets and textiles. 

There are several sublimation printers in our machine park, ready for fast and high-volume work on materials. Among them is the Epson SureColor SC-F9400H, which is new on the market. What makes it different from other models is the use of two fluorescent inks – yellow and pink. Neon gives new possibilities in both graphic design and interior decoration.


Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most commonly used techniques for printing on various types of textiles. It consists in transferring the paint through the mesh. The printed image is reproduced on a matrix covered with a special emulsion. Colored inks pass through those mesh areas that are not covered with emulsion. This way, the design is transferred to specialized paper or directly to the material (depending on the choice of technique). 

One of the machines that uses screen printing is the M&R CHAMELEON 6/6 carousel. It supports 6 colors, giving the opportunity to get any color in the spectrum. Expressive and saturated prints are resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and UV radiation. Such products can be machine washed. Screen printing is the most cost-effective method when the customer envisages ordering prints on a larger number of materials.


Pad printing

Pad printing is one of the oldest techniques in decoration. The ink is applied on the soft, smooth silicone stamp, and then imprinted on a matrix with an etched pattern. The unsurpassed advantage of this technique is the ease of printing on a variety of surfaces: flat, concave and also irregular. Such materials as plastics, wood, metal, rubber, leather and glass can be printed on. 

The Tampo Sito machine has been strictly adapted to our individual production needs. So we are sure that our equipment is the best-chosen printer for this kind of work. Supports up to 4 colors.

haft komputerowy

Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery is the most popular among all printing techniques. It consists in decorating materials of various types with embroidery stitches by mapping the motif using a computer program. This type of print is particularly often chosen for decorating clothes – not only on shirts, but also on hats, sweatshirts, jackets or pants. 

Our Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X embroidery machine is distinguishes by 10 working needles, and thus, greater efficiency and speed of 1,000 stitches per minute. Compared with ordinary 6-needle machines, our equipment can finish a project consisting of 50,000 stitches up to 12% faster.


DTF printer

DTF technology is an innovative printing solution that allows you to quickly and economically place prints on textiles (cotton, polyester, and various blends). Contrary to screen printing and other surface printing methods, it is perfect for both low and high-volume orders.

Prints can be placed on products of various shapes (e.g. bags or caps), and no vector files are required to make them. One of the greatest advantages of the DTF technique is that it allows the use of a large number of colors to obtain high-quality prints. The prints are also distinguished by high durability and flexibility.

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