10 ideas for Christmas gadgets

Companies are constantly looking for increasingly original gift ideas to appreciate their employees and business partners over the festive period. Two product categories are the most popular. Practical accessories that make everyday tasks easier or gadgets with a typically festive or winter application. When branded with your company's logo, they will become excellent advertising for your brand's services. Discover some tried and tested ideas for unusual yet functional Christmas gifts.

1. Christmas mug

When winter arrives and the weather is unfavourable, we are more likely to drink warming beverages and, as we all know, these taste the best in mugs. This small promotional gift is available in many versions, such as the magic mug, which changes colour, or the isothermal mug, which maintains the temperature of the drink for a long time. Each of them offers a large print area. Place an original graphic on it and insert your logo into the design and you can be sure that the mug will be eagerly used by the people who got it.

2. Multifunctional scarf

Great for colder days. It will come in handy for winter walks and will be particularly appreciated by people who do sports in cold weather. The large surface of the multifunctional scarf allows you to place a large logo, which can further highlight the advertising value of this gadget. An additional advantage of the product is its versatility, as it can be used as a hat or headband.

3. Christmas decoration

A Christmas gift does not have to be big. It is the idea and the gesture itself that counts. A Christmas decoration made of eco-friendly materials such as wood or bamboo can be a good and budget-friendly option. This type of ornament in the shape of a star, Christmas tree or snowflake will add charm to any Christmas tree and will additionally make a positive association with your company.

4. Set of winter accessories

If a multifunctional scarf is a product used mainly by those who are active, then a set of winter accessories will appeal to practically everyone. The beanie, scarf and gloves finished with warm sherpa material will protect even the most chilly person from low temperatures. In addition, the sherpa padding is pleasant to the touch and the polyester outer layer of the products is suitable for branding with your company logo or a graphic design of your choice. 

5. Hand warmer

Nobody likes to have cold hands in winter. Therefore, an item that gives an extra source of warmth in the pockets is certain to be appreciated by many people. The cherry pit hand warmer is an eco-friendly product in the form of a handy, pocket-sized pouch. Simply heat it in the microwave, oven or on a radiator and the hand warmer will keep its warmth for up to an hour, giving off an additional cherry aroma.

6. Sports beanie

A winter sports beanie for special tasks. It perfectly complements the multifunctional scarf and together they can form a very useful set for winter athletes. The number of people who run or cycle regardless of the weather is constantly growing and they will no doubt appreciate this type of set, or one of the products separately.

7. Christmas stocking

A charming Christmas gadget that can be used as a stylish wrapping for other gifts, or as a gift in its own right. When hung at somebody's home, it can serve as a Christmas decoration. Thanks to its large size, the product is very suitable for placing a company logo, which will be a great advertisement for your brand.

8. Unique bamboo Christmas card

Christmas is the season for sending wishes and gifts to both contractors and employees. In order to stand out from the multitude of other greetings cards, it is worth opting for unconventional solutions. One of these is a card in the form of a bamboo board. The message is engraved on the board and the card can be easily transformed into a Christmas tree decoration.

9. Suspenders

With Christmas close to the carnival on the calendar, it is worth thinking about suspenders as a gift. This fashion accessory will be the perfect addition to your outfit for carnival balls and parties. It will be particularly suitable for parties where the theme is costumes from a particular era.

10. Vegan leather wine bag

Finally, something for ... gift wrapping. Choosing stylish and discreet packaging is an art, and it is worth bearing this in mind. Frequent festive corporate gifts for VIP clients are various types of alcohol, which need to be wrapped and presented in the best possible way. Bags made of vegan leather are perfect for this purpose. Remember that well-chosen packaging can strengthen the first impression of your Christmas gift.

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