40 interesting facts about custom advertising gadgets

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The presence of advertising gadgets on the market is not surprising. The advertising industry has long been worth billions of dollars. Even if you have a few T-shirts with a logo or company pens at home, there is a that you haven't thought about the marketing effectiveness of custom promotional accessories. Find out more about them.

Although knowledge about them is becoming more and more common, advertising gadgets can still surprise you. That's why we have collected 40 interesting information about them especially for you.

40 interesting facts about custom advertising gadgets

1. 90% of people who received promotional accessories can recall the company name placed on them (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

2. 89% of people can recall the company's name on the products they received in the last 2 years (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

3. A single advertising item is viewed on average 344 times a month (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

4. 80% of people can recall the main message of a brand after receiving a promotional gadget (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

5. 82% of people have positive associations with the company they received promotional accessories from (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

6. 70% of companies consider the use of advertising gadgets to be the most effective strategy for achieving marketing goals (Source: PPAI).

7. In 53% of cases, the use of promotional gadgets allows companies to gain a more favorable image (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

8. The first advertising gadgets fair was held in 1941. 32 companies (Source: Sage Blog) took part in it.

9. The promotional gadgets industry includes over 40 thousand companies. The industry provides approx. 490 thousand jobs (Source: PPAI).

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10. Advertising gadgets with prints are recognized as the most effective form of advertising by all demographic groups (Source: PPAI).

11. The promotional items market is worth approximately $ 23.3 billion (Source: Brandon Gaille Small Business and Marketing Advice).

12. The first company producing custom advertising gadgets founded in 1886 (Source: Inkwell Global Marketing).

13.63% of consumers who no longer want to use promotional items pass them on to others (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

14. Almost 100% of consumers say that they are able to visit a company stand where they will receive advertising gadgets (Source: PPAI).

15. 60% of consumers keep promotional gadgets for 2 years (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

16. 52% of people use an advertising gadget at least once a week (Source: Sage Blog).

17. 72% of consumers believe that the quality of promotional items is directly related to the company's reputation (Source: PPAI).

18. 48% of consumers would like to receive advertising gadgets more often (Source: Sage Blog).

19. 69% of consumers would like to receive an advertising gadget if they found it useful (Sage Blog).

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20. 96% of consumers would like to know in advance which companies are providing free promotional items (PPAI).

21. Business, education and financial services companies are among the largest buyers of custom promotional gadgets (PPAI).

22. 59% of employees who have received promotional gadgets from employers have better associations with their workplace (Source: Brandon Gaille Small Business and Marketing Advice).

23. 31% of consumers use a promotional promotional bag with an imprint (Source: Sage Blog).

24. The highest brand recognition is ensured by the use of clothing with a logo. In this case, 85% of recipients remember the company (Source: ASI Central).

25. The first known promotional products were commemorative buttons from 1789, when George Washington was president of the USA (Source: Sage Blog).

26. Hygiene and technology products, safety accessories and writing tools are the advertising gadgets most favored by consumers (Source: STML Print and Marketing).

27. Bags with prints generate more contacts with a company logo than any other advertising gadget. The number of contacts during the product life is over 6,000. (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

28. 20% of consumers own more than 10 promotional writing accessories (Source: ASI Central).

29. Clothing items are the most popular advertising gadgets. Writing accessories, bags, calendars, glasses and mugs are also very popular (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

30. Bags and writing accessories are advertising gadgets that generate the best ratio of corporate logo exposure to money spent (Source: Sage Blog).

31. 63% of people keep printed caps because they find them attractive (Source: ASI Central).

32. Promotional mugs with prints are more effective in creating brand awareness than radio advertisements. While 57% of people can recall the company's name placed on the cup, only 28% remember it after hearing an advertisement (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

33. 90% of consumers have glasses and mugs with company prints at home (Source: ASI Central).

34. 47% of consumers keep their promotional printed T-shirt for 2 years or more (Source: ASI Central).

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35. 91% of people store promotional accessories with prints in their kitchen (Source: Sage Blog).

36. One promotional calendar provides approximately 850 contacts with the brand (Source: ASI Central).

37. 85% of people who received an advertising gadget from a given company start buying its products (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

38. 52% of advertising fair participants are willing to visit the stand where they will receive promotional gadgets (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

39. 42% of consumers have a more positive opinion of a company that replaces ordinary advertising gadgets with their eco-friendly counterparts (Source: ASI Central).

40. Only 20% of people throw away promotional gadgets they do not need (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC).

Here they are! A set of the most important statistics on advertising gadgets with prints. If you feel shocked, you are no exception. Many people are not aware of the great advantages of using promotional accessories in marketing activities. In reality, however, these are products that allow you to quickly build brand recognition, ensuring an extremely high return on advertising investment.

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