The best eco advertising gadgets for your business

Najlepsze ekologiczne gadżety reklamowe do Twojej firmy

Ecological awareness in society is growing year by year. The need to protect the natural environment makes the possibility of replacing ordinary products with ecological equivalents gaining in importance. Siginificatly, ecological promotional gadgets have several additional advantages. Find out what.

What are the eco-friendly gadgets for businesses?

Ecological gadgets for companies are practical everyday products that help to effectively promote the company. Unlike digital advertisements, they are characterized by a high durability.

By remaining in circulation for a long time, paper pens, bags, PET advertising lanyards and eco key-rings allow you to effectively build brand awareness among new customers. It is also especially important for every entrepreneur that they evoke positive associations that can be permanently connected with a given brand.

How are eco company gadgets made?

Eco advertising accessories available in our offer are made of two materials: rPET and washpaper. The first is recycled plastic, which is obtained from recycled bottles. rPET material is mainly used for the production of advertising lanyards and wristbands. In addition, it is used to create key-rings and saddle covers.

Even more custom made gadgets are made of washpaper which is also known as vegan leather. It is a high-quality, durable and waterproof material that is made of wood waste and is fully vegan. One of the greatest advantages of washpaper is its high strength. As the material has properties that make it look like leather, it can be used to sew various types of personalized products: eco-friendly backpacks, shoulder and hip bags, sachets, flower containers, pencil cases and wine bags.

Which eco gadgets for the company are the best?

1. Advertising rPET lanyards

Ekologiczna smycz PET z nadrukiem

An advertising lanyard with a print is a proven promotional gadget that has a number of practical applications. Perfect for business fairs, industry conferences and other events, the company lanyard allows you to conveniently carry your keys, business ID or smartphone.

Importantly, the product is a crucial element of the visual identification of a modern company. The possibility of replacing an ordinary business lanyard with an ecological equivalent allows you to show your concern for the environment and set a good example for others.

2. Ecological rPET wristbands

Ekologiczna opaska PET

Ecological rPET wristbands are an alternative to traditional polyester wristbands. Highly durable, the product is ideal for music festivals, concerts, museum nights and other mass events. This discreet clothing accessory will also work well on a daily basis, allowing you to diversify your style.

Most importantly: the possibility of placing a logo, promotional slogan, website address or any graphics on them means that eco rPET wristbands can become an original advertising gadget to promote your company.

3. Vegan leather backpacks

Papierowy plecak z nadrukiem

Vegan leather backpacks are a practical combination of stylish clothing and the growing demand for ecological solutions. The washopaper material which is the base for the backpacks makes them highly durable and perfect for a trip to the woods, as well as a free trip to the city or going to the office. The possibility of placing a print with a logo or other graphics on it means that a vegan leather backpack can turn into a unique advertising gadget. A custom-made eco backpack is also a great gift for business partners and employees.

4. Vegan leather key rings

Papierowy breloczek z nadrukiem

Vegan leather key rings are the perfect solution for people who keep their keys in a bag or pocket. A small everyday gadget not only looks great, but also allows you to find a key, card or USB stick. The washpaper material from which the key rings are made is waterproof and durable, so the products can be attached to the outside of the zipper in a bag or backpack. Personalized key rings with a self-selected print are perfect as unique decorations.

5. Paper pens

Papierowe długopisy z nadrukiem

Paper pens are practical office accessories that significantly increase the convenience of work. As the pens are made of rolled paper, they are very durable. At the same time, they are light and comfortable in everyday use.

A pen with an imprint is one of the most common advertising gadgets on the market. Moving from hand to hand and helping to cope with office duties, it allows you to effectively build awareness of your brand.


Replacing ordinary advertising accessories with ecological promotional gadgets is a proven recipe for gaining the recognition of customers, business partners and employees. Do not wait and combine your care for the environment with effective marketing today.

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