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Eco rPET lanyard

To support ‘zero waste’, we offer environmentally friendly products. One of them is the lanyard made of rPET, which comes from recycled plastic bottles. Deciding to rPET, we give plastic the second life and thereby reduce the amount of waste.

Graphics used on the products are intended to demonstrate the possibilities of printing techniques.

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Eco rPET lanyard

product code: SM.RP.KR

We can print any logo, graphic or writing with the use of sublimation method on request. The rPET lanyard has an eye-catching shine, thanks to which, together with a printed logo, it is a very attractive advertising gadget. We can also make lanyards of other eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, corn or paper.

rPET lanyard is available in different variants:

  • rPET lanyard with snap hook,
  • rPET lanyard with GSM hook,
  • rPET lanyard with two snap hooks,
  • rPET lanyard with buckle and snap hook,
  • rPET lanyard with safety buckle,
  • rPET lanyard with buckle and safety buckle.

Standard band widths: 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm.


*The product is recyclable.

Select product option:

  • 10 mm
  • 15 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • double sided
  • one sided
Hook: Fish ( +0,00  )
  • Fish


  • Crab


  • Dog


  • Crocodile


  • Plastic black

    Plastic black

  • Bottle holder

    Bottle holder

  • Bottle opener

    Bottle opener

  • Hook Bottle opener

    Hook Bottle opener

  • Metal ring

    Metal ring

  • Shekel


ID case: None ( +0,00  )
  • None


  • Visa vertical

    Visa vertical

  • Visa horizontal

    Visa horizontal

  • Kongres vertical

    Kongres vertical

  • Kongres horizontal

    Kongres horizontal

  • Olimp


GSM: None ( +0,00  )
  • None


  • Mobile string GSM

    Mobile string GSM

  • Mobile clip GSM

    Mobile clip GSM

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Minimum order: 100 pcs.

Gross price per 1 pcs.: 1,13  net price: 0,92 
Total price: 113,00  net price: 91,87 
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