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Resistance band for exercises

Resistance bands allow you to diversify your exercises and increase their effectiveness. Doesn’t matter if you prefer personal training or group sessions, both cases are perfect for these bands. You can use them anywhere, both at home and in the gym. And you don’t have to worry about the transport! Due to its small size, the product will fit in any backpack or purse.

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Resistance band for exercises

product code: SP.001

The tape puts a “progressive resistance” – the force with which we have to stretch it is the greater, the more the tape is stretched. It’s a more convenient and safer form of training than working with weights, because we adjust the resistance depending on our needs on a given day.

The material from which our product is made from has great attention to detail and is resistant to tearing. High quality gives it a long service life and the possibility of multiple use. It is also sewn in the shape of a loop, so it doesn’t need to be tied like other rehabilitation tapes. To maintain hygiene and cleanliness, the product can be washed.

Product features:

  • Length of the tape before sewing ~ 74 cm,
  • Length of the tape sewn folded in half ~ 33 cm,
  • Tape width ~ 7 cm,
  • Production in Poland.

Basic types:

1. Easy

  • 33% Latex,
  • 67 % Poliester.

2. Medium

  • 34% Latex,
  • 66% Poliester.

3. Hard

  • 42 % Latex,
  • 58 % Poliester.
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Minimum order: 10 pcs.

Gross price per 1 pcs.: 26,06  net price: 21,19 

Lowest price in the last 30 days: 26,06 

Total price: 260,60  net price: 211,87 
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