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Ecological set – products from recycling

Environmental protection is a crucial issue. Replacing ordinary marketing gadgets with eco-friendly counterparts demonstrates social responsibility and allows you to gain the respect of customers.

With this issue in mind, we have prepared a special set of ecological products that can perform a number of promotional functions. Because we are able to put any prints on them, advertising gadgets allow you to effectively reach new customers with your marketing message.

Graphics used on the products are intended to demonstrate the possibilities of printing techniques.

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Ecological set – products from recycling

product code: SM.RP.AC

Elements of the set:

  • Ecological recycled lanyard,
  • Ecological recycled key ring,
  • Ecological recycled wristband,
  • Ecological recycled mask,
  • Ecological recycled multifunctional scarf,
  • Ecological recycled handkerchief.
Product available on request.
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