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6 small – great gadgets. How simple objects make our lives easier! Are they essential? Think about it :)

It often seems that it is the big things that change life for the best – modern appliances, luxury cars or expensive clothes. But, sometimes it’s the simple, small everyday items that can make a big difference, making our everyday easier and more enjoyable. They provide a sense of convenience and comfort, and put life […]

It often seems that it is the big things that change life for the best - modern appliances, luxury cars or expensive clothes. But, sometimes it's the simple, small everyday items that can make a big difference, making our everyday easier and more enjoyable. They provide a sense of convenience and comfort, and put life in order. On top of that, they are a great medium for information ... about your company, for example :)

Eyewear cleaning cloth

A microfibre eyewear cleaning cloth is an inexpensive, practical and convenient way to keep your glasses clean. It not only removes dirt from the surface of the lenses, but also prevents scratches. The cloth is easy to use and can be stored virtually anywhere. Its flat and relatively large surface is perfect for corporate branding. If you add a case made of ecological paper with pine, macchia, lavender or lime seeds - it becomes not only a cover for the wipe, its packaging with a printed surface, but also a small plant that you take care of. Because it's so good, instead of throwing it away, grow a new plant. Small, and pleasing not only to the eye. Quite the opposite of the impression that will remain about the company that offered such an ingenious, practical and ecological gift :) How not to like a business partner who thinks about ecology :)

eyewear cleaning cloth
cleaning cloth with eco cardboard box

Lanyard and key ring

A lanyard and a key ring are good examples of a small product that certainly changes our lives for the better. Without them, it is easy to get chaotic and lose your keys or ID badge, which can be forgotten in a random place. A lanyard or key ring ensures that the keys are always at hand and we don't have to look for them. They simply fall into our hands easily! In addition to their practical uses, these products also serve as a low-cost advertising product or gift. A company logo or advertising slogan can be printed on them. How many times a day do we pick up our keys with a key ring? Just as often, our brain reads the name printed on them :)

polyester lanyard
polyester lanyard

Thermal mug

Who doesn't walk in the morning with a coffee or a bottle of water in hand so that they have something to sip on while on the road, at work or in a meeting? Exactly :) Probably everything has already been invented in this matter. For us, the ideal choice is a thermal mug equipped with double walls and a leakproof 360° lid, which prevents drinks from leaking out and losing heat or cold. This way, you can safely throw it into your handbag, backpack or gym bag. As a result, you can take your favourite coffee, tea or juice to work, on a trip or to university and enjoy it all day long.

Our mug is an eco product and contributes to environmental protection. By using it instead of disposable paper or plastic cups, you reduce the amount of waste produced every day. In addition, the Circular mug is a recycled product - it was made from used coffee cups. Practical and so functional - it is a small thing of great importance, though it weighs so little ;)

thermal cup
thermal cup

Phone lanyard

Not yet so popular in Poland, but loved abroad - the phone lanyard! It is a corporate gift useful for everyday use of a smartphone. It provides security and ease of carrying the phone, frees our hands and gives us the assurance that, even when carrying various objects with us, the mobile phone will always be with us. Also available in short version. The phone lanyard ensures that it will not distort the pockets of trousers or a dress or coat, which can be inconvenient and annoying. It also allows you to use your phone freely - you have it with you all the time and use it when you want. Do you think about it during your day? Rest assured, there's no need to. The phone lanyard will embrace your busy reality :)

smartphone lanyard
smartphone lanyard


One of the greatest advantages of the promotional pen is its availability. It is certainly an item that you always have with you, no matter where you are - at work, school, in a meeting or in the office. With it, you can instantly write down important information, make a note or sign a contract. The pen is also an excellent marketing product. By putting your company name or logo on it, you can effectively promote your business and attract the attention of your customers.

And what can we do when stress gets the best of us?

eco pen
eco pen

Wooden toys of all kinds :)

Rest assured, many small pleasures of everyday life have been invented. Wooden logoed spinning tops, jigsaw puzzles, games of tic-tac-toe and even skipping ropes. It is no longer only in corporations that it is good practice to look after the wellbeing of employees. Any way to de-stress, take a breather during a busy day, or simply take your brain off more difficult subjects is good. For us, the best one - eco-friendly, practical and useful, plus it costs so little. So, what about a jumping rope, or a hula hoop? How about building a tower of wooden blocks, or organising a competition with a friend to see who can spin the spinning wheel longer? Cool and imaginative, as well as corporate!

To summarise, simple everyday items such as eyewear cleaning clothes, lanyards, key rings, thermal mugs and pens make our lives much easier. They are things that you have had with you for years and, whether you want to or not, you use them most often, in many different situations. They help you to organise yourself, keep things tidy, save time and money, and carry out many everyday tasks. A small great thing that not only makes you happy, but often looks very nice too. Enjoy!

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