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Corporate gifts – a beginner’s guide

Although many marketing activities have moved to the Internet, the use of advertising accessories to promote business still has many advantages. Extremely high, 88% – memorability index of the company’s name placed on advertising gadgets makes it possible to effectively build awareness of the brand’s existence. Find out what you need to know to realize their full potential.

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Although many marketing activities have moved to the Internet, the use of advertising accessories to promote business still has many advantages. Extremely high, 88% – memorability index of the company's name placed on advertising gadgets makes it possible to effectively build awareness of the brand's existence. Find out what you need to know to realize their full potential.

I. What are corporate gifts?

Think of a pen you get at the bank, T-shirts with prints given out at concerts, or a small bag with a company logo that your dentist gives you. If you run a business, you can also start promoting it using advertising gadgets with personalized prints.

A corporate gift is a practical item that is given by the company to customers or employees. Corporate gadgets can be used at home or outdoors, but they should always be carefully made and elegantly packaged.

The main purpose of using printed advertising gadgets is to keep the name of your company in the minds of customers for as long as possible. If they have the possibility of frequent contact with the company logo, there is a big chance that they will buy your products.

What else do you need to know about corporate gifts? To explain this, we have gathered the answers to the most frequently asked questions in one place.

II. What are the types of promotional gadgets?

Let's start with the fact that advertising gadgets are divided into several types. Each of them has slightly different uses.

1. Occasional gifts

Occasional gadgets are gifts prepared for special occasions. These can be holidays, anniversaries, celebrations of establishing new cooperation, completed orders, etc. This category also includes individual gifts for employees.

Advertising notebook

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries – there are many occasions for giving company gifts. However, they should always be related to important events in the personal lives of employees, business partners, or customers.

2. Group gifts

Group gifts are gifts given by one employee of the company to another. In certain circumstances, they are also handed over to the boss. This could be a single gift funded by a larger group or a set of gifts distributed among a larger group.

In the first case, a group of employees shares expenses to pay for a more expensive, high-quality product for an important event. The use of group gifts fosters internal integration in the company, enhancing the sense of solidarity. However, when planning to purchase group gifts, remember that they should not be too personal.

3. Personalized gifts

A personalized gift can be both a special gift and a group gift. Advertising gadgets with prints should be treated separately because their preparation requires additional work.

Advertising keyring

A personalized gift for customers, business partners, or employees can usually be something simple. T-shirt or bag with a print, pen or notebook, mug or key ring – thanks to personalization, the selected product becomes unique, evoking positive impressions.

4. Advertising gadgets

Advertising gadgets are products that are used to promote any company, institution, or organization. They usually have a logo, advertising slogan, or website address printed on them. Promotional lanyards, wristbands, mugs, caps, bags, or T-shirts – the possibilities of choosing a product for personalization remain almost unlimited. Most often distributed for free, advertising gadgets allow you to effectively build brand awareness among new customers. In other words, the more people use them, the better your results will be.

Even though a lot of marketing activities have moved to the web, advertising gadgets with prints have not lost their advantages. This is mainly because they are practical physical objects that can stay in circulation for many years. This means that they allow anyone who takes them in their hands to establish a persistent relationship with your business.

III. What are the advantages of advertising gadgets?

In short, the use of advertising gadgets allows you to successfully develop your business. This is due to several interrelated reasons.

What benefits do advertising gadgets provide?

  • Improve morale at work,
  • Increase brand recognition,
  • Allow you to build relationships with customers and business partners,
  • Provide the possibility of acquiring new leads.

Why do companies give advertising gadgets to their clients? They do so primarily because such activities foster gaining loyalty and building long-term relationships. If you care for your company's clients, you will increase the chance that they will come back to you. In addition, they will recommend the company to others, increasing its recognition in the market.

Woman in a promotional lanyard

According to research by the Advertising Specialty Institute, most people keep the gadgets they receive for up to 8 months. This gives them plenty of time to keep in touch with the company's name and logo. Since company gadgets are free products that remain useful in everyday life, people who use them gradually transfer positive associations from promotional gifts to the companies that gave them.

As the research by the Promotional Products Association International shows, 88% of people who receive advertising gadgets remember the company's name printed on them, whereas 85% reach for its products. These are remarkably high rates of marketing ROI that shouldn't go unnoticed. If you have not had much experience with company gadgets so far, think about investing in them at least for a trial.

IV. What are the advantages of advertising gifts?

The use of promotional gifts allows you to attract new customers to the company. Every time a person uses your advertising gadget, such as a personalized pen, printed key ring, or glasses case, everyone around them also comes into contact with the company logo. What's more, according to the aforementioned ASI report, 63% of the US population passes business gifts on after using them for some time.

The use of advertising gadgets also helps to retain customers. The question here is how many people return to your business after using the products at least once. If you honor him with a small gift, the client will feel appreciated and valued. Thanks to this, she will gain a favorable attitude towards your business. This type of relationship keeps customers engaged and open to your suggestions.

Advertising bag with print


Giving out corporate gifts will earn you a reputation as someone who cares about your customers and can communicate effectively in the marketplace. This means that with this marketing strategy, new audiences will gradually start to flow into your business. If you have doubts about which advertising gadgets will be best for you, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Do not wait and take your business to the next level.

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