How to order a lanyard with a print for your company?

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If you happened to participate in a business fair, conference or other industry event, you have certainly noticed that many participants had advertising lanyards with the company's logo. Company lanyards with print is a practical promotional gadget that evokes an impression of professionalism and allows you to attract new customers to the company. What do you need to know to choose the right lanyard for yourself?

Some time ago, ordering an advertising lanyard with an individual print required a lot of commitment. The need to prepare a graphic file, accurate valuation and exchange of information with the producer made it burdersome and long. However, it is different today.

There are many websites on the Internet that offer simple applications for designing personalized lanyards. Even if you use this tool, you will still have to make some important decisions. Find out what you need to know before you outsource the production of corporate advertising lanyards with a print.

1. How many advertising lanyards do you need?

Most manufacturers require advertising lanyards to be ordered in larger sets. The minimum number of pieces in a set is usually 100. The individually assessed level of difficulty of a given project determines whether the production of advertising accessories will take more time.

Note: Just in case, it is better to order more promotional lanyards than you originally assumed in your plans. Thanks to this, you will avoid a situation in which your company will run out of them. You must also remember that the price of one advertising lanyard with a print depends on the size of the order. The more copies you order, the less you pay for them.

2. What length and color of the corporate lanyard will be the best?

If you order advertising lanyards with a print for your company, you need to start by specifying their parameters. The products are available in different widths: 10, 15, 20 or 25 mm. The standard length of the lanyard is 450 mm (without the coupler) or 500 mm (with the coupler).

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When deciding on the color of the lanyard, you can choose one of the typical colors: black, blue, yellow, green or red. If, however, you want to obtain a color in a specific shade, simply send us the color's number. To do this, use the color palette available on the Internet.

3. Is the advertising lanyard to be equipped with a buckle?

Advertising lanyards are available primarily in two variants: with or without a special buckle. It is a plastic element at the bottom of the product that allows you to conveniently detach your keys, smartphone or ID badge. Thanks to the buckle, the comfort of everyday use of a lanyard with a print significantly increases. Instead of taking it off your neck each time you want to use an item attached to it, you just need to quickly unfasten the lanyard end. Putting it back on remains just as easy.

There is also a coupler called a safety buckle. It is sewn into the lanyard with a print protection that prevents potential injuries in the event of an accident. If a machine or a third party inadvertently pulls the advertising lanyard around its neck, the safety buckle will open automatically. It is an ideal solution when ordering lanyards for warehouses, production halls and other workplaces.

4. What ending should a printed lanyard have?

Choosing the end of the advertising lanyard is a particularly important issue. It is the end of the printed lanyard that determines whether you will be able to attach your ID, smartphone, keys or a bottle to it. While the most common solutions are sewn or pressed-in lanyards, there are also models with decorative beads.

Although standard promotional lanyards come with one carabiner (perfect for carrying keys), you can easily order promotional accessories with two carabiners that allow you to conveniently carry your phone. When ordering, you can choose lanyards with a special key holder or a simple hook, a convenient clip, a swivel hook or a phone hook.

5. What print do you want to put on a company lanyard?

Once you've made your decision on the most important technical parameters of your products, it's time to get creative. At this point, you have to choose what print is to appear on the personalized lanyard, what colors it will be in and how we will style it. If you need advice or suggestions, we'll be happy to help. If, however, you are interested in an advertising lanyard with your company's logo, send us a graphic file and the finished product will be delivered to your address within a few days.

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Since the possibilities of personalizing an advertising lanyard are virtually endless, let your imagination run wild. Consider what material we should put the prints on - you can choose, among others. eco-friendly paper, recyclable PET material or traditional polyester. If the working conditions require your employees to be clearly visible in poor lighting conditions, you can use neon lanyards with a print.

Don't hesitate and start promoting your business today with personalized gadgets. If you have any doubts or questions, call us or send us an email. We will be happy to help you.

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